Conversa paralela: eles não

Conversa Paralela: eles não / Parallel talk: They don’t

Iron, speakers, drive and audio

Dimension variable


In the speakers we can hear part of the speech of Romana – character in the play “Eles não usam Black-Tie” [They do not wear black tie] written by Gianfrancesco Guarnieri in 1955 and first staged in 1958, at the Arena Theatre of São Paulo. Teatro de Arena was an embattled stage for the democratic resistance during the military dictatorship period, marked by its censorship.

The chosen fragment is part of Act III – Part I, in which Romana  talks to Tião (her son) and To Octavio (her husband) before they go to a strike.

The audio was made ​with the intention of merging a politic moment and a place of intimacy where the dialogue between Romana and her son and Romana and her husband, emphasis the woman’s voice over another.

This work was exhibited at a group show at Phosphorus an independent art space in São Paulo Downtown, curated by Maria Montero.