Ela caminha em direção à fronteira

Ela caminha em direção à fronteira / She walks towards the border

Solo Exhibition at Zipper Gallery in São Paulo

“It is interesting to underline this open characteristic present at the exhibition that creates through the compilation of small objects, things and elements, a compliment to the micro-narratives, small stories, relying on itineraries without much direction, arranged in slippery territories…” Mario Gioia, curator.

It is impossible not remember Marcel Broodthaers (1924-1976), declared influence of São Paulo’ s artist in the preparation of this installational environment.

“Today, this interaction poetic, ironic and often oscillatory with objects of ‘art’ and ‘non-art’, with the false and fetish, with words and meanings, with fiction and reality, can usually be found in artistic production contemporary, in Sao Paulo and elsewhere in the world. There has been a growing interest by the categories that were so fundamental to the work of Broodthaers: fictitious systems and systems of order, such as the museum, the archive, the library’s collection, but also the book, the text and the letter “ analyzes the curator and art critic Jochen Volz on the relevance of the current Belgian artist.