La incondicional

La Incondicional

Digital video with sound.

Duration; 19 min 37. Loop

2007 – 2012

La Incondicional is a work made ​​from a series of e-mails I received by mistake.

The content of the emails was very private, intimate and were directed to a man with whom the author had any romantic relationship. The author of the e-mails: a woman, argentina of a 50-something writes about their wills and their daily lives.

For the creation of the work I rewrote the emails removing all information that could locate the woman in time and space such as: street names, restaurant, club, and the names of the persons named in the emails.

I decided then to value the woman’s voice reading the texts, made ​​in the original language – Spanish, emphasizing the invisible presence of the character and unique point of view: that of the woman in suspension.

With the final format of a video projection, La Incondicional places the viewer inside an empty theater, where the invisible presence of the woman points her fictional existence and indeterminacy of a space where the viewer projects their expectations.